Always dedicated and devoted

Our premier pyrotechnics display vendor company offering newly married couples, their families and guests an unforgettable fireworks experience for their wedding celebration. Each display that we perform is specially tailored for each venues unique characteristics. Our expansive team of designers and engineers work closely with event planners and their clients to create the perfect wedding fireworks display. Each custom designed wedding features special effects that will make your event stand out. If you wish, our design team has the ability and expertise to digitally choreograph your display to music, chosen by the couple. This is the Atlas signature, the ability and desire to finish off the perfect evening with a personalized fireworks display that rivals none other. No matter where, every fireworks display requires an extensive amount of permitting.

We are a trustworthy name in the industry for serving our clients with excellent Wedding Fireworks. The services offered by us are rendered by our team of expert professionals in order to ensure the safety and security of the patrons. Our service includes a variety of colorful fireworks that serve as a delight to watch and are highly entertaining. Besides, the fiery spectacle of glittering and colorful sparks is a treat to the eyes of the spectators.