Always dedicated and devoted

We have a clutch of beauticians and stylists on call, each one an expert in her or his domain. Our beauticians are clinical in their approach and take into account your facial structure and highlight your best features. They will help you stand out effortlessly and you will be the cynosure of all eyes.

If you want to make it even more special, our designers will ensure you get the best sartorial experience. They will design specifically for you and go into minute details to ensure you look like a million dollars on your special day. Trial sessions are done well in advance, so that the bride/ groom can take on the big day with confidence and joy.

All wedding planning decisions aside, there’s one thing that is never under question – this is the day you want to look your best! Your wedding style sets the mood for your wedding celebrations and allows you to feel like the stars of the show that you are. With the wedding pictures and videos capturing all your special moments it’s definitely important to put your best faces forward and look as gorgeous and comfortable as possible.

The right styling for the bride and groom is extremely important since you always have to look well put together. If you are having multiple wedding events then it’s important that your outfits and overall look work well for each event and do not get repetitive. Your wedding outfits have to also work well with the mood, scale and design elements of your wedding and other celebrations.