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Elite Wedding Planner Artist brings you the traditional, ethnic and creatively appealing Indian art of Henna by its highly experienced >Elite Wedding Planner Artists to help you enjoy various moods of celebrations. We offer the latest trend setting Henna styles and patterns,Hair,Make up,and Sari Draping to consistently provide you varieties. Aerobics,Traditional designs, Color designs, Glitter henna designs, Wedding theme designs with (pictures of Ganesha, Hastmelap, Tabla, shehani, kalash, ohm symoles, sathia symboles, Bride, Groom, Havan, Phera, Groom put sindoor on bride, Dancing people etc…)

Brides traditionally get their palms done very intricately, with something simpler on the backs of the hands. More recently, there has been a trend developing to get the more intricate work done on the backs of the hands, so that even in candid photos, the most beautiful henna is likely to be showing. Intricate palm henna makes for the best “look at my henna!” posed photos, as the color on the palms is extra red and rich due to the thicker skin. If you can do both sides intricately, go for it! But if you’d prefer to do one side fancier than the other, consider whether you’re more of a posing and purposefully showing off or casually wearing and letting people catch candid glimpses sort of person, so that you can be sure your henna is best captured in your wedding photos.