Photography and Videography

Always dedicated and devoted

Weddings today are more of a photo opportunity than just being a marriage. In fact the photographer and videographer direct the entire sequence from the start to the finish. Wedding albums are becoming more and more decorative with beautiful borders of various designs and colors. But more than the selection of a right album it’s imperative to select the right photographer and videographer.

Telling a story of YOUR WEDDING DAY is the goal. Experience, personality & care make the difference between snap shots & portraits. With pride towards professional attention, personal care & an eye for detail, detail, you can tell that” Let Plan photography is for you. From Shagan to Vidai, from Family to Friends, no moment is left untouched. The love for weddings shows in the finished pictures. With ample weddings and events to our credit there is an understanding for treating light, leaves, waves and a nervous bride and groom.

We have assembled experts throughout the process who are focused on delivering your vision and wedding memories that you will love. From planning your wedding day coverage to the final design of your wedding album, we at Elite Plan are behind the scenes, focused on delivering outstanding service at an unbelievable value.

Wedding photography has evolved from the stiff poses and strained smiles in pictures from decades ago. There are various wedding photography styles you can choose from nowadays.You can opt for a set or wedding album of the traditional portraiture style posed photographs as well as the newer styles like the photojournalistic wedding photography. In this popular style there is no formal posing, the photographer follows the couple, family and guests throughout the wedding to capture tender and fun moments just as they unfold. These candid shots can capture genuine emotion and tell the tale of your wedding in the most authentic way, while allowing you to enjoy the wedding without having to stop and take wedding photos.

Before you select your photographer make sure you ask them a few questions about their style, experience and portfolio, equipment, services and charges. Lastly pick someone you and your partner are at ease with and someone you know can capture these moments in the way you would like. Elite Wedding Planners, Chennai will arrange for wedding photographers to best suit your budget and requirements for your event celebrations, pre wedding shoot, bridal photo shoot and more.