Trousseau Planning

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The bridal trousseau packing holds considerable significance in an Indian wedding. But there’s a catch; no matter how expensive the gifts are, unless they are beautifully gift wrapped, they loose the element of surprise and mystery that accompanies the handing of gifts.

Gifts like expensive saris, utensils made of silver, bell–metal, brass, copper etc. must essentially be gift wrapped with colourful fabrics, papers, satin ribbons, small sea-shells, charms, glittering metal coloured bells, bows, trinkets etc. of different colours. Sizes of gifts vary and so do their wrappings. For instance, a decorated golden thaali will take less effort to gift wrap than say a bell-metal pitcher. Again, a jewellery box with sharp edges will require extra care so that the wrappings do not tear off at the edges. So, giving a well finished wrap to every item of gift takes quite an effort and expertise.With our professional gift wrappers at your disposal all you have to think about is the smile that you will get in return,each time you part with a gift and none of the hassles that go into wrapping them.

Start with setting a realistic budget for your main wedding clothes and other trousseau items and draw up a list of things that you want to purchase so you can allocate your shopping budget accordingly. One of the most important things you will purchase is your bridal outfit like the wedding sari, lehenga, gown etc. which might be a part of your trousseau. Brides to be also buy a collection of other Indian and Western outfits like salwar kameezes, dresses, saris etc. for the wedding events and other parties.

Elite Wedding Planners, Chennai will provide you with the assistance for your complete trousseau planning and shopping and other wedding related personal shopping needs. We help you put together a stylized and comprehensive trousseau and also arrange for the trousseau packaging that is not only beautiful but suited to the event and the style you have in mind.